marți, 30 iunie 2009

The last pictures from Punya :)

Hey everyone,

Most of your were asking us about the last pictures from World Citizenship, finally we have them and you as well ;)

There is the link an a good advice : use it wisely ;)

Stay tuned for other projects that will be just for you, all we can say is that Shape you Future, Sustainable development for the community and other will be just for you ;)

Best of luck and nice summer
World Citizenship team

marți, 19 mai 2009

What is Global Village?

Global Village it's the opportunity for everyone to visit more then one country in the same day, to experience their culture, their traditional clothes and food, to see the interesting facts about the country it self.
But, this is not all: there will be also games and contests where everybody can participate and win prizes offered by AIESEC Targu Mures.

So if you are curious what's a foreign country like and want to taste different spices from India, or hear the national anthem of Brazil, Vietnam or Italy, you are really welcome to join us.

Place: Unirea High School
Date: 21st of May
Hour: 15:30

For the pupils who participate to the session, we are waiting for you in UPMs caban, from 16:00, week-end on the 20th of May.

Warm hug from the World Citizenship team.

duminică, 17 mai 2009

Dances is one again ;)

Yes everyone , the dancing goes on, just because you asked for it ;)

It's from 18:00, Monday 18.05.2009 in the university cabane ... HIP HOP! ;)

See you all there ;)

WoCi Team

PS: we will be back with all the pics in 24h ;)

vineri, 8 mai 2009

Next events and trainings

Hey everyone,

There are some changes in the next weeks program regarding the trainings delivered at World Citizenship.

On the 12th of May, at the "Petru Maior" University cabana, week-end we are having the 1st dance session with Punya, starting from 18:00.

On the 13th of May, again at the cabana in week-end, session delivered by Punya and Liviu, Szabi and Reka, starting from 16:00, and we are waiting for all the pupils from all the highschools to be there ;)

We will enjoy more the atmosphere from week-end, so on the 14th of May we are having another dance session with Punya in the cabana, starting from 18:00.

For those who don't know, Punya is also a dance instructor back in India, Mumbai ;)

But the fun doesn't end here, and on the 16th we are going to play some paint ball ;) Please, if you want to join us send an email to or to untill the 13th of May.

And on the 17th we would like to propose to everyone a nice outing for a piknik, to a forest in Tg-Mures. With more information regarding it, we will be back ;)

These were the updates regarding the trainings, and now scroll down and you will find the power point used in the last session, Cultural sensitivity and anti-discrimination!

Enjoy it to the max and see you soon ;)
World Citizenship team

Cultural sensitivity and anti-discrimination part1

Cultural sensitivity and anti-discrimination part 2

Cultural sensitivity and anti-discrimination part 3

miercuri, 6 mai 2009

The Efficient communication presentation and pictures from the sessions

Hey everyone, 

Below you can find the Effective communication session part 1 and part 2. Also feel free to use the pictures and download them :) 

Effective communication part 1 :

Effective communication part 2: 

The pictures:
See you all soon,
World Citizenship team 

luni, 4 mai 2009

World Citizenship continues on ...

Hey everyone,

We are back with fresh information about the upcoming trainings.

On the 5th of May, the training will be held in Economic high school starting from 16:00 and on the 6th on Sincai high school from 14:00.

The theme for this time is: Cultural understanding and anti-discrimination delivered by Punya and Reka.

Regarding the Effective communication training, the slides will be uploaded on the blog so everyone can have them and also, there will be some of the pictures on ;)

Don't forget to check the blog each time so you can read the fresh information about the trainings and activities.

Also, Punya is still waiting for your question, inputs, feedback. You can contact her at: .

Best regards,
World Citizenship team